AR Technology To Be Used To Train The Sailors For A Combat

Augmented Reality in today’s times is growing by leaps and bounds in every field. Given the popularity and convenience of using the AR Technology, the US ONRG, i.e., The United States Office of Naval Research Global Tech Solutions have decided to reap the benefits outs of it. They have teamed up with NSWC (Naval Surface Warfare Centre) Dahlgren, to develop an AR-based training program which will make the training session feel like the soldier is present in the training environment and are given different situations to deal with. The project is called The TRACER, i.e. The Tactically Reconfigurable Artificial Combat Enhanced Reality. The TRACER project has been initially tested at the CENCESFOR, i.e. the Centre for Security Forces Detachment Chesapeake. It was tested on Naval Support Activity Northwest Annex present in Currituck County, North Carolina.
The US Office of Naval Research Global for this project has built a TRACER package that would consist of several items such as a backpack, the VR headset, and a HapTech Inc. state-of-the-art simulated weapon that is designed in a way to provide realistic recoil.
Dr. Patrick Mead who is the lead on the TRACER project said on this all-new development in the field of Augmented Reality that, “Our training system is built mostly from commercial-off-the-shelf products, so we are using widely available gaming gear. All of these present technologies combine to give us an extremely accurate weapon and helps in movement tracking capabilities as well as highly immersive simulation visual, auditory, and haptic (relating to the sense of touch) feedback. Ultimately the TRACER will provide Sailors with en engaging, dynamic and less predictable scenarios for training that would otherwise have been very expensive and time-consuming to conduct in the real world.”
It is an innovative product and depicts the dynamic use of AR technology that will help the Sailors get their training for combat and that too while remaining active at sea. It is true and well said that being efficient is the foremost requirement for the job of being a Sailor. Therefore, TRACER will not only help the Sailors to get trained in the right direction with dynamic training environment but also it will help the Sailors increase their efficiency by getting trained anywhere and at any time.
The product is considered to be the best training system for the Sailors as it helps them in different ways. It is advantageous as it easily adapts to different scenarios with correct opposition forces and other location-related allocations. It can also help them as it can provide high-pressure situation which would otherwise not be so easy to create in real world.
Therefore, it is rightly contended by the manufacturers and other governmental and naval authorities that the TRACER project and its package inclusive of HapTech Inc. Simulated Weapon is very promising as it will help them incorporate different high-pressure situations for the training of Sailors which would help increase their efficiency by providing a life-like experience with the help of AR technology.


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