[AR]T By Apple: A Brand-New AR Experience In Art At Apple Stores For The Enthusiasts Worldwide

Apple has come up with open registration for their recent and groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) experience available around the globe. It is an AR experience which art-based, and Apple is calling it “[AR]T,” which will be offered globally at their stores around the world. There are three sessions involved and will comprise of:
An in-store session.
An interactive walk filled with a few inspiring works of present-day artists including installation of AR Art which shall be made available at Apple Stores globally.
Teaching all the fundamentals relating to the Augmented Reality with Swift Playgrounds.
To initiate this process and have a kick-start to their project, the Apple Stores in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo will host the “[AR]T Interactive Sessions” to introduce their customers and the public at large to experience the AR in Art. To execute this, they will premier some of the present-day artists across the globe with the use of Augmented Reality. Some of the contemporary artists whose works will be displayed in this interactive [AR]T Session are Giorno, Cave, Djurberg, and other globally-renowned artists to give the people attending the session a chance to appreciate the technology involved in the process of developing Art with the help of Augmented Reality.
The [AR]T in-store session will be of 90 minutes duration and will make the attendees aware of all the basics of Augmented Reality using Swift Playground. The attendees will be given a chance to use whimsical objects and immersive sounds to experience and learn the process to create the AR experiences.
Apple’s third introduction to [AR]T experience involves the installation of Augmented Reality Art. The process of installation will be done using the [AR]T Viewer in the Apple App Store; the users with the help of this Application will be able to initiate the interactive piece of art named “Amass” by Nick Cave. This process will make the attendees travel on a journey to experience and gather the “Ikon Elements” and live the experience filled with positive energy in the Apple Store itself.
Right before the premier of this in-store event to make the people experience the Augmented Reality in art offered by Apple, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail + People delivered a speech. He, on this new and unique AR development, said that they are offering this session to provide a window into the field of creative arts and it is being made possible only because of their products and customers. He further said that the attendees should provide feedback and feel inspired by Apple’s incredible Augment Reality creations in the [AR]T walk and in-store installation.
Apple’s in-store premier session started on 10th of August’2019 and is free of charge for the attendees at the Apple Stores Worldwide, the premier of which happened in the stores in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Anyone can register for the same on the company website in the section “Today at Apple.”


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