Jio Is All Set To Hit The Market With Its Fun And Futuristic Product: HoloBoard MR Headset

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. that provides mobile network services in India, ever since Jio has hit the markets with its products and services, it has focused on providing impeccable quality at affordable prices. They are continuing to deliver a dynamic market with its unique and ever-changing products according to new advancements in technology. Given the present situation, Jio has come with their new product “HoloBoard MR headset.” The product is entertaining, fun and futuristic. It helps the customers indulge themselves in the stories absolutely as they have never before.

This headset will be synced to Jio Fiber and will only be supported with Jio Fiber. Jio Fiber is the wireless broadband service provided by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. The subscribers to the Jio Fiber network will enjoy the impeccable 3D hologram display relating to any subject in front of their eyes with the help of this Mixed Reality Headset. Apart from this, the users of HoloBoard MR Headset can have an amazing cinematic experience. They can enjoy MR shopping, MR movie watching, MR education, and hands-free video calling.

The sole motto of Jio behind introducing this product was to upraise the movie-watching experience for its users. Wearing Jio HoloBoard MR Headset provides the users an unmatchable and class-apart movie watching experience. It is as if the user is present in a home theatre with a large screen. And as any movie lover could tell, “larger the screen, larger the fun” as large screens provide an exceptional movie quality.

A software company based in Gurugram, Haryana names Tesseract has built the Jio HoloBoard MR Headset. Reliance Industries has acquired Tesseract during the process. Jio HoloBoard is not only an MR Headset but also comprises of AR Headset. This headset can be connected to your Smartphone, supporting both iOS and Android in order to build the augmented simulation. One can start using it with the help of front camera of the phone and can all use it by gesture-based remote controller, which is programmed in a way that its buttons are connected to the Bluetooth present in the device. The user needs to insert the smartphone into the Jio HoloBoard MR Headset that weighs around 125 grams and live the Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality experience and know the true power of Jios’ service.

Jio HoloBoard MR Headset will be made available in the Indian markets anytime soon, and as assured by the company, it will be provided at an affordable price. With this, people have positive expectations that Reliance Jio being a trusted and popular brand mobile network in India will also excel in the field of MR, AR, and VR industry and give India its best MR and AR Headset. Reliance Jio promises to make their entry to the market with the motive of providing a quality product which is supported by an already well-trusted mobile network in India, i.e. Reliance Jio Mobile Network having a substancial market share in Mobile Network.


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