Natuzzi Provides for AR & VR Retail Space For Furniture Shopping

Founded in 1959, Natuzzi Group is a company dealing in Italian Furniture. The company is ready to launch its very first virtual reality store to provide its customer with an immersive shopping experience like never before. The giant Italian Furniture Company’s Madison Avenue Showroom situated in New York has an Augmented Reality Store. The purpose of this AR store is to allow its customers to have a life-like experience by immersing themselves in the digital form of whatever their home looks like, in AR. Further, it helps them to decorate their homes however they feel like with the class-apart furniture provided by the Italian Giant- Natuzzi. They can place the items to their drawing room, kitchen, lobby, living room, etc. to decide whether to buy the product or not according to their VR experience.
This project sets an example of how advanced the customers have become that they have access to such an amazing facility to pick and put a piece of furniture with the help of Virtual Reality to their home and decide whether it looks good there. To see how that particular furniture will look in the specific place, customer will have to put on the HoloLens 2 headset made by Microsoft that would help the user change the colors and patterns of the same. They can easily move the things around and interact with the house-environment in the store itself.
Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the Creative Director of the company, shares that, “It gives them (Customers) a sense of place and mood that’s almost as real as a physical furniture display, and the experience helps them form an emotional connection to their choices.”
The Italian furniture brand Natuzzi has done its research and testing and based on the results of it, it is predicted that the closing ratio (The number of shops closing down) shall be minimized by at least one-third in the long run with the introduction of Augmented Stores. Furthermore, it is also predicted that by the end of year 2020 there will be a large number of Augmented Reality Stores across the globe so that it saves the customers the hassle to imagine and decide whether the particular piece of furniture will look good in the specified space or not.
Not only will this project be beneficial for the customers but also for the seller. It will lead them to keep less inventory in the stores and to save up space, having large stores mean that the owner needs to spend a hefty amount. The cost saved on one particular store can help the company expand and increase the number of stores worldwide to make its presence globally.
This project by Natuzzi is an attempt on giving tough competition to other brands such as the furniture retail giants IKEA and Opendesk. Moreover, this new development in the furniture brand will bring in more customers, because of the cutting-edge technology that will allow them to see how a particular piece of furniture will look in their house before buying it.


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