Oneplus Is All Set To Launch Its TV And Hit The Markets This Year: What To Expect?

OnePlus about a year ago announced that it is coming up to launch OnePlus television. Pete Lau, the Company CEO, has confirmed that it shall be called OnePlus TV and even though he said earlier that it should be launched in the year 2020, recent reports suggest that the TV may hit the market in September 2019.

OnePlus has not given much information about their TV yet. Reports suggest that the Bluetooth SIG, i.e., a certification required by the devices using Bluetooth suggest that the OnePlus TV may come in different variants such as 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. Reports also suggest that the 43-inch variant may be exclusively sold in India, while the other variants shall be available globally. It is in the discussion that the OnePlus TV’s will initially be sold in India and China only, and given its popularity shall also hit the other markets globally shortly after that.

The Bluetooth SIG Certification shows that the OnePlus for its TV Sets is procuring the panels from TPV Display Technologies, which is considered to be a giant in the field of display technology; it also has the rights for selling TVs of Philips in India.

Though the information from various reliable sources does not tell the people about the software used, its user interface or other features of the OnePlus TV, it does suggest to the people that the quality of panel used in their TVs would be somewhat similar to Philips’ TVs and comparably sized to them. The speculations also suggest that the OnePlus TVs shall have the features and resemblance of Philips’s TV “Ambilight” but without the functionality of “Ambilight.”

OnePlus is said to be technologically advanced and coming up with unique products and features. OnePlus, to differentiate its products from other similar products usually depends on the software that it uses to develop its products — for example, OxygenOS, which is a software to develop OnePlus’s Smartphones. OxygenOS has always been given the credit for the performance of OnePlus Phones and have always impressed the users and attracted the loyal customers. Therefore, it is well expected that the company will come up with something different and play with the software to have an edge in the market when compared to other TVs. Keeping their unique products and software in mind, it may probably be the reason the Bluetooth SIG certification lists the TVs of OnePlus as a Unique Android TV.

The company’s new entry to the market in the field of the TV may face challenges and tough competition from Xiaomi as it has already sold a million MiLED TVs throughout the country having 39% market share of TVs being sold. All in all, these are all speculations, and we shall know more about it with its launch, which is expected to be by the end of September this year.


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