Porsche along with Holoride has come up with an innovative VR Entertainment system For Its Rear Passengers

The well-known manufacturer of sports cars, Porsche, has come up with an innovative and one of its kind idea of providing its rear passengers a VR entertainment system. The company has collaborated with “Holoride,” which is a startup company with the motive “Turning Vehicles Into Moving Theme Parks.” Porsche is all ready to unveil its vehicles with Holoride VR entertainment system fixed at back of the seats for the rear passengers to make their every ride filled with fun, thrill, and adventure. The ultimate aim behind this collaboration is to provide an immersive VR experience to the rider on the go.
To make the experience more effective, the Porsche vehicle will be connected to the VR headsets that would come with built-in sensors so that the content one is watching can be adapted according to the movements of car in real-time to give a life-like experience. It is a very unique, cool and advanced technology to give the rear-seat passengers a ride full of amazing experience. For example, say the rear-passenger is wearing this VR headset and is riding in a spacecraft. The passenger, if the car takes a turn along the curve, will virtually feel as if the spacecraft is taking a turn in real-time too. This is what Porsche believes to be a breakthrough in the automobile industry.
Nils Wollny, CEO of Holoride is very enthused about the company’s collaboration with Porsche and also about the all-new technological development in the field automobile industry and shares, “We are grateful to Startup Autobahn for the many opportunities and contacts it has made possible for us. This has given our projects a major boost in recent weeks, enabling us to realize a prototype in just 100 days.”
Both the companies, Porsche and Holoride, not only focused on the fun part about the product but also believes that anyone who has ever used VR headset knows that there is a very good chance that it will lead to motion sickness. The company says that the VR system at the back-seat for rear-passengers will significantly reduce the chances and symptoms of motion sickness. This technology can also be applied, and products can be developed that can be employed in entertainment sectors such as conferences and films to increase the entertainment and productivity of passengers who are traveling in the back-seat of the car. Holoride provides for a futuristic software which offers an elastic content, i.e. the content the person is watching can adapt according to the behavior of the vehicle in terms of its context, motion and driving time.
The technology is speculated to be introduced to the market and made available in the Porsche vehicles in the coming three years. All being said, introduction of Porsche VR entertainment system would set a milestone in the VR industry as well as the automobile industry. It also shows that there are unlimited possibilities for using technology to build something useful to the public at large. It shall also promote future innovations.


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