Samsung’s Galaxy Note Is Now Enhanced With Depth Camera And AR Apps

According to recent news, Samsung has incorporated a whole new dimension of cutting-edge technology and sophistication to its new Galaxy S10 4G smartphone. Samsung has also added several AR apps as well as a depth-sensing camera for 3D scanning to its all-new smartphone in a bid to successfully integrate the augmented reality technology in the device.
The South Korean multinational company has launched its two new phones – Galaxy Note 10 as well as 10+ with several new features recently. Note 10 comes packed with a total of 3 rear-facing cameras (12 MP wide-angle, 16 MP ultra-wide and 12 MP telephoto. In fact, Note 10+ has even added a fourth camera, which is meant for depth-sensing as well as 3D scanning. This camera is called the DepthVision Camera, which comes loaded with VGA sensors. Due to this addition, the smartphone Note 10+ has a plethora of augmented reality abilities as well as potential. Along with 3D scanning that can be done using the smart device, it is also possible for users to capture an object of their choice in 3D to transform it later into an animated GIF.
DJ Koh, who is the CEO of Samsung, recently released a statement in this regard saying that from the very beginning and inception of the company’s Galaxy Note, it has been regarded as the pinnacle of the best features and technologies. In fact, the company itself has very popular, thanks to its Galaxy Note phones. The Galaxy Note 10 essentially re-imagines this entire promise for all the modern and current Note fans who use their smartphones in order to take their creativity and productivity to a whole new level and who flow between endeavors and ideas effortlessly at a moment’s notice.
The best thing is that this is all just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more on the horizon. The tech company has even launched its very own augmented reality app that the company calls Quick Measure. The Quick Measure app is rather similar to the Measure tools that Google and Apple offer. Furthermore, users can even utilize the DepthVision Camera and the S-Pen to do some good-old augmented drawing according to their fancy. So now, you can doodle and draw to your heart’s content with the blend of these two features to create illustrations in order to track space as well as physical objects.
Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that augmented reality, as well as its multitude of applications that are swiftly entering the world of smartphones and other tech gadgets, is good news not just for companies but also for the millions of consumers worldwide. It looks like the world is all set to enter into an all-new era of augmented reality smartphones. Talking about Samsung, amazing things are on the horizon for the company as it is ready to delve into the world of augmented reality headfirst and do some great things for its fans.


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