TIME Launches TIME Immersive: Breakthrough In Visual Journalism with AR and VR Applications.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both, with the advancement in technology, making its way into the day-to-day lives of the people. Every industry wants to inculcate AR and VR into their field. One such breakthrough has been made by TIME with its TIME Immersive project in the field of journalism. TIME is said to have always been on the front foot of sharing news or story. This project aims at bringing the stories to life with its AR & VR Applications. The user can have an interactive experience of the way you read or see the stories. The applications are available on both iOS and Android phones to promote the AR-VR project by TIME.

TIME did its first feature in TIME Immersive named “Landing on the Moon.” This feature allows the viewers to have a life-like experience of the scientific and historic landing of Apollo 11 landing in an accurate cinematic display in 3D on any top of the table at ones home. The users can experience the tabletop landing of Apollo 11 on moon in the AR mode. Not only the visuals, but it also includes the original audio of Neil Armstrong and also displays the first steps taken by him on the moon. Hence, it can be rightly said that this breakthrough will make the entire AR and VR experience very intense.

At an event, Nick Partridge, the leader of strategic partnerships for the Museum and Co-Director of the Apollo 50 national celebration said that, “The National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo collection is the largest in the world at present, and we are excited to present Landing on the Moon with our partners at TIME, whose Apollo-era reporting helped shape the way Americans experienced the space race. This AR activation brings our artifacts to life like never before, and we hope it inspires a new generation to define their own21st-century Moonshot.”

TIME Immersive’s launch follows the announcements made earlier this year about the two breakthrough projects by TIME. One, “The March,” it will offer the viewers an unprecedented chance to have a life-like experience of the historical movement of March for Freedom and Jobs in Washington by giving it a groundbreaking room-scale and interactive. Second, “Space Explorers,” it is an International Space Station (ISS) Experience, which is a documentary series.

Hence, it can be said that there is not even an iota of doubt that this breakthrough is going to change peoples perspective of watching a news item. TIME is said to have never left any stones unturned in providing and sharing the news and stories in an innovative manner. With the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, they will take the field of journalism to the next level. However, this is not the end for the TIME Immersive; TIME has promised to launch more immersive projects in AR and VR which shall be released soon. So, it’s a matter of TIME, and we shall have access to more immersive projects.


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