Porsche along with Holoride has come up with an innovative VR Entertainment system For Its Rear Passengers

The well-known manufacturer of sports cars, Porsche, has come up with an innovative and one of its kind idea of providing its rear passengers a VR entertainment system. The company has collaborated with “Holoride,” which is a startup company with the motive “Turning Vehicles Into Moving Theme Parks.” Porsche is all ready to unveil its vehicles with Holoride VR entertainment system fixed at back of the seats for the rear passengers to make their every ride filled with fun, thrill, and adventure. The ultimate aim behind this collaboration is to provide an immersive VR experience to the rider on the go.
To make the experience more effective, the Porsche vehicle will be connected to the VR headsets that would come with built-in sensors so that the content one is watching can be adapted according to the movements of car in real-time to give a life-like experience. It is a very unique, cool and advanced technology to give the rear-seat passengers a ride full of amazing experience. For example, say the rear-passenger is wearing this VR headset and is riding in a spacecraft. The passenger, if the car takes a turn along the curve, will virtually feel as if the spacecraft is taking a turn in real-time too. This is what Porsche believes to be a breakthrough in the automobile industry.
Nils Wollny, CEO of Holoride is very enthused about the company’s collaboration with Porsche and also about the all-new technological development in the field automobile industry and shares, “We are grateful to Startup Autobahn for the many opportunities and contacts it has made possible for us. This has given our projects a major boost in recent weeks, enabling us to realize a prototype in just 100 days.”
Both the companies, Porsche and Holoride, not only focused on the fun part about the product but also believes that anyone who has ever used VR headset knows that there is a very good chance that it will lead to motion sickness. The company says that the VR system at the back-seat for rear-passengers will significantly reduce the chances and symptoms of motion sickness. This technology can also be applied, and products can be developed that can be employed in entertainment sectors such as conferences and films to increase the entertainment and productivity of passengers who are traveling in the back-seat of the car. Holoride provides for a futuristic software which offers an elastic content, i.e. the content the person is watching can adapt according to the behavior of the vehicle in terms of its context, motion and driving time.
The technology is speculated to be introduced to the market and made available in the Porsche vehicles in the coming three years. All being said, introduction of Porsche VR entertainment system would set a milestone in the VR industry as well as the automobile industry. It also shows that there are unlimited possibilities for using technology to build something useful to the public at large. It shall also promote future innovations.

TIME Launches TIME Immersive: Breakthrough In Visual Journalism with AR and VR Applications.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both, with the advancement in technology, making its way into the day-to-day lives of the people. Every industry wants to inculcate AR and VR into their field. One such breakthrough has been made by TIME with its TIME Immersive project in the field of journalism. TIME is said to have always been on the front foot of sharing news or story. This project aims at bringing the stories to life with its AR & VR Applications. The user can have an interactive experience of the way you read or see the stories. The applications are available on both iOS and Android phones to promote the AR-VR project by TIME.

TIME did its first feature in TIME Immersive named “Landing on the Moon.” This feature allows the viewers to have a life-like experience of the scientific and historic landing of Apollo 11 landing in an accurate cinematic display in 3D on any top of the table at ones home. The users can experience the tabletop landing of Apollo 11 on moon in the AR mode. Not only the visuals, but it also includes the original audio of Neil Armstrong and also displays the first steps taken by him on the moon. Hence, it can be rightly said that this breakthrough will make the entire AR and VR experience very intense.

At an event, Nick Partridge, the leader of strategic partnerships for the Museum and Co-Director of the Apollo 50 national celebration said that, “The National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo collection is the largest in the world at present, and we are excited to present Landing on the Moon with our partners at TIME, whose Apollo-era reporting helped shape the way Americans experienced the space race. This AR activation brings our artifacts to life like never before, and we hope it inspires a new generation to define their own21st-century Moonshot.”

TIME Immersive’s launch follows the announcements made earlier this year about the two breakthrough projects by TIME. One, “The March,” it will offer the viewers an unprecedented chance to have a life-like experience of the historical movement of March for Freedom and Jobs in Washington by giving it a groundbreaking room-scale and interactive. Second, “Space Explorers,” it is an International Space Station (ISS) Experience, which is a documentary series.

Hence, it can be said that there is not even an iota of doubt that this breakthrough is going to change peoples perspective of watching a news item. TIME is said to have never left any stones unturned in providing and sharing the news and stories in an innovative manner. With the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, they will take the field of journalism to the next level. However, this is not the end for the TIME Immersive; TIME has promised to launch more immersive projects in AR and VR which shall be released soon. So, it’s a matter of TIME, and we shall have access to more immersive projects.

Oneplus Is All Set To Launch Its TV And Hit The Markets This Year: What To Expect?

OnePlus about a year ago announced that it is coming up to launch OnePlus television. Pete Lau, the Company CEO, has confirmed that it shall be called OnePlus TV and even though he said earlier that it should be launched in the year 2020, recent reports suggest that the TV may hit the market in September 2019.

OnePlus has not given much information about their TV yet. Reports suggest that the Bluetooth SIG, i.e., a certification required by the devices using Bluetooth suggest that the OnePlus TV may come in different variants such as 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. Reports also suggest that the 43-inch variant may be exclusively sold in India, while the other variants shall be available globally. It is in the discussion that the OnePlus TV’s will initially be sold in India and China only, and given its popularity shall also hit the other markets globally shortly after that.

The Bluetooth SIG Certification shows that the OnePlus for its TV Sets is procuring the panels from TPV Display Technologies, which is considered to be a giant in the field of display technology; it also has the rights for selling TVs of Philips in India.

Though the information from various reliable sources does not tell the people about the software used, its user interface or other features of the OnePlus TV, it does suggest to the people that the quality of panel used in their TVs would be somewhat similar to Philips’ TVs and comparably sized to them. The speculations also suggest that the OnePlus TVs shall have the features and resemblance of Philips’s TV “Ambilight” but without the functionality of “Ambilight.”

OnePlus is said to be technologically advanced and coming up with unique products and features. OnePlus, to differentiate its products from other similar products usually depends on the software that it uses to develop its products — for example, OxygenOS, which is a software to develop OnePlus’s Smartphones. OxygenOS has always been given the credit for the performance of OnePlus Phones and have always impressed the users and attracted the loyal customers. Therefore, it is well expected that the company will come up with something different and play with the software to have an edge in the market when compared to other TVs. Keeping their unique products and software in mind, it may probably be the reason the Bluetooth SIG certification lists the TVs of OnePlus as a Unique Android TV.

The company’s new entry to the market in the field of the TV may face challenges and tough competition from Xiaomi as it has already sold a million MiLED TVs throughout the country having 39% market share of TVs being sold. All in all, these are all speculations, and we shall know more about it with its launch, which is expected to be by the end of September this year.

Natuzzi Provides for AR & VR Retail Space For Furniture Shopping

Founded in 1959, Natuzzi Group is a company dealing in Italian Furniture. The company is ready to launch its very first virtual reality store to provide its customer with an immersive shopping experience like never before. The giant Italian Furniture Company’s Madison Avenue Showroom situated in New York has an Augmented Reality Store. The purpose of this AR store is to allow its customers to have a life-like experience by immersing themselves in the digital form of whatever their home looks like, in AR. Further, it helps them to decorate their homes however they feel like with the class-apart furniture provided by the Italian Giant- Natuzzi. They can place the items to their drawing room, kitchen, lobby, living room, etc. to decide whether to buy the product or not according to their VR experience.
This project sets an example of how advanced the customers have become that they have access to such an amazing facility to pick and put a piece of furniture with the help of Virtual Reality to their home and decide whether it looks good there. To see how that particular furniture will look in the specific place, customer will have to put on the HoloLens 2 headset made by Microsoft that would help the user change the colors and patterns of the same. They can easily move the things around and interact with the house-environment in the store itself.
Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the Creative Director of the company, shares that, “It gives them (Customers) a sense of place and mood that’s almost as real as a physical furniture display, and the experience helps them form an emotional connection to their choices.”
The Italian furniture brand Natuzzi has done its research and testing and based on the results of it, it is predicted that the closing ratio (The number of shops closing down) shall be minimized by at least one-third in the long run with the introduction of Augmented Stores. Furthermore, it is also predicted that by the end of year 2020 there will be a large number of Augmented Reality Stores across the globe so that it saves the customers the hassle to imagine and decide whether the particular piece of furniture will look good in the specified space or not.
Not only will this project be beneficial for the customers but also for the seller. It will lead them to keep less inventory in the stores and to save up space, having large stores mean that the owner needs to spend a hefty amount. The cost saved on one particular store can help the company expand and increase the number of stores worldwide to make its presence globally.
This project by Natuzzi is an attempt on giving tough competition to other brands such as the furniture retail giants IKEA and Opendesk. Moreover, this new development in the furniture brand will bring in more customers, because of the cutting-edge technology that will allow them to see how a particular piece of furniture will look in their house before buying it.

[AR]T By Apple: A Brand-New AR Experience In Art At Apple Stores For The Enthusiasts Worldwide

Apple has come up with open registration for their recent and groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) experience available around the globe. It is an AR experience which art-based, and Apple is calling it “[AR]T,” which will be offered globally at their stores around the world. There are three sessions involved and will comprise of:
An in-store session.
An interactive walk filled with a few inspiring works of present-day artists including installation of AR Art which shall be made available at Apple Stores globally.
Teaching all the fundamentals relating to the Augmented Reality with Swift Playgrounds.
To initiate this process and have a kick-start to their project, the Apple Stores in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo will host the “[AR]T Interactive Sessions” to introduce their customers and the public at large to experience the AR in Art. To execute this, they will premier some of the present-day artists across the globe with the use of Augmented Reality. Some of the contemporary artists whose works will be displayed in this interactive [AR]T Session are Giorno, Cave, Djurberg, and other globally-renowned artists to give the people attending the session a chance to appreciate the technology involved in the process of developing Art with the help of Augmented Reality.
The [AR]T in-store session will be of 90 minutes duration and will make the attendees aware of all the basics of Augmented Reality using Swift Playground. The attendees will be given a chance to use whimsical objects and immersive sounds to experience and learn the process to create the AR experiences.
Apple’s third introduction to [AR]T experience involves the installation of Augmented Reality Art. The process of installation will be done using the [AR]T Viewer in the Apple App Store; the users with the help of this Application will be able to initiate the interactive piece of art named “Amass” by Nick Cave. This process will make the attendees travel on a journey to experience and gather the “Ikon Elements” and live the experience filled with positive energy in the Apple Store itself.
Right before the premier of this in-store event to make the people experience the Augmented Reality in art offered by Apple, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail + People delivered a speech. He, on this new and unique AR development, said that they are offering this session to provide a window into the field of creative arts and it is being made possible only because of their products and customers. He further said that the attendees should provide feedback and feel inspired by Apple’s incredible Augment Reality creations in the [AR]T walk and in-store installation.
Apple’s in-store premier session started on 10th of August’2019 and is free of charge for the attendees at the Apple Stores Worldwide, the premier of which happened in the stores in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Anyone can register for the same on the company website in the section “Today at Apple.”

A2 VR: A Startup Company That Brings Virtual Reality (VR) For People To Use In Day-To-Day Life

Startups are becoming the backbone of innovations. One of these innovative startup initiatives is taken up by A2 VR. A2 VR is a startup company with VR (Virtual Reality) at its forefront. This startup company has brought forward its products and services that intend to introduce and inculcate VR to everyday use. The company assures that the potential of VR is spread over a wide range of people, from different age groups, nationality, etc. The company promises that the products and services can also be put to a wide range of applications. A2 VR also has various experts who are at the company’s disposal to help in augmenting their distinctive knowledge and specializations through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The company’s foremost fields of operation are AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and PR (Physical Reality). The company has various services to offer such as indoor navigation, product visualization, architectural visualization, disaster management, visual navigation, 360 virtual tours, procedural navigation, VR mobile apps, VR in education and VR in training. The company is focussed on specialization and versatility; it also offers VR in advertising and marketing as well as VR websites.

The one quality that puts the company stands apart from the others in the VR market is that it focuses on the needs of everyday use of a wide range of people. The motto of the company is that everyone should believe in virtual reality and that virtual reality should be used as a technology that people should be able to put to use using the most common devices they use in their day-to-day lives, such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops.

A2 VR’s visualizations bring non-existing locations, places, and products or inaccessible and difficult locations to its users. This implies that users can, without any difficulty, communicate with hard-to-reach locations or places in a very comfortable and user-friendly way possible. Which, of course, means that they can use this technology that would make them feel as if they are physically present at the location. Let’s say, for example; the company helps its clients by putting them at a location/property even if it is in the stage of planning and not completed yet. Which in other words, mean that the person can actually feel like they are living in that location/property in a life-like manner virtually. They can virtually interact, envision, move around, and even change the stuff and things surrounding them to feel like living that experience.

A2 VR is a technologically dynamic company offering its products and services predominantly in the form of software. The software offered by them is state-of-the-art and has been designed by specialized people who are experts in this field that assures the delivery of impeccable quality. The software is designed in a way that it can be used on various devices, including VR sets, PCs, information kiosks, display systems, and mobile devices.

A Startup In Smart Wearables Designs Jewelry For Your Safety

STAND a new startup in the field of Smart Wearables has designed and introduced an all-new safety product and is ready to deliver its customers a perfect blend of fashion and function, which is also the company’s motto. Women’s safety is the vision and mission of this company, one of their many products called BOLD is designed in a way which is very small and discrete and is safety wearable in the form of jewelry for women for their safety wherever they go. Company has already gone a long way and have won a number of prestigious awards and have been regarded and recognized as an innovative and cutting-edge product that depicts how in present times we have come with the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT)

STAND is a company formed in January 2019 by four graduating students with the motive of providing safety products for women. BOLD by STAND is a safety product that is designed by two engineering graduates who studied at Queen’s University Belfast. BOLD is a piece of jewelry wearable designed with innovative technology and motive to keep women safe and out of harm’s way. The piece of jewelry sends a message to all the five pre-defined contacts that you trust. The person who feels unsafe at any point in time, with a touch of a button on the jewelry can activate it to alert the five pre-defined contacts. The USP of BOLD by STAND is that it does not require a mobile phone to function; the purpose was to provide safety to all.

As shared by Emma McQuiggan, the Co-Founder of STAND, “When you’re walking home from the library at night, and it’s dark, and you’re alone, this product will give you confidence that you’re OK. It is needed to go with a normal outfit you’d wear on a night out. Otherwise, people won’t wear the device.” According to her, the basic idea behind this product is to promote safety and increase its reach to women by making it aesthetic.

Co-founders Emma McQuiggan and Ben Lindsay share that the end goal of BOLD is not for everyone to possess this device. The end goal, according to them, is for people not to require it at all.

This metallic wearable looks extremely cool and sleek and works by sending a Google Maps location to your family or friends. You can press one button to share your location with them and to tell them that you are safe. Pressing the button twice tells them to call you in 10 minutes. If you press and hold the button, you will be conveying an emergency to them.

The founders share that they want people around the world to feel safe at all times, irrespective of whether they are indoors or out at any time of the day. This piece of wearable will cost you £199, which is a small price to pay for your safety and that of your loved ones.

Jio Is All Set To Hit The Market With Its Fun And Futuristic Product: HoloBoard MR Headset

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. that provides mobile network services in India, ever since Jio has hit the markets with its products and services, it has focused on providing impeccable quality at affordable prices. They are continuing to deliver a dynamic market with its unique and ever-changing products according to new advancements in technology. Given the present situation, Jio has come with their new product “HoloBoard MR headset.” The product is entertaining, fun and futuristic. It helps the customers indulge themselves in the stories absolutely as they have never before.

This headset will be synced to Jio Fiber and will only be supported with Jio Fiber. Jio Fiber is the wireless broadband service provided by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. The subscribers to the Jio Fiber network will enjoy the impeccable 3D hologram display relating to any subject in front of their eyes with the help of this Mixed Reality Headset. Apart from this, the users of HoloBoard MR Headset can have an amazing cinematic experience. They can enjoy MR shopping, MR movie watching, MR education, and hands-free video calling.

The sole motto of Jio behind introducing this product was to upraise the movie-watching experience for its users. Wearing Jio HoloBoard MR Headset provides the users an unmatchable and class-apart movie watching experience. It is as if the user is present in a home theatre with a large screen. And as any movie lover could tell, “larger the screen, larger the fun” as large screens provide an exceptional movie quality.

A software company based in Gurugram, Haryana names Tesseract has built the Jio HoloBoard MR Headset. Reliance Industries has acquired Tesseract during the process. Jio HoloBoard is not only an MR Headset but also comprises of AR Headset. This headset can be connected to your Smartphone, supporting both iOS and Android in order to build the augmented simulation. One can start using it with the help of front camera of the phone and can all use it by gesture-based remote controller, which is programmed in a way that its buttons are connected to the Bluetooth present in the device. The user needs to insert the smartphone into the Jio HoloBoard MR Headset that weighs around 125 grams and live the Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality experience and know the true power of Jios’ service.

Jio HoloBoard MR Headset will be made available in the Indian markets anytime soon, and as assured by the company, it will be provided at an affordable price. With this, people have positive expectations that Reliance Jio being a trusted and popular brand mobile network in India will also excel in the field of MR, AR, and VR industry and give India its best MR and AR Headset. Reliance Jio promises to make their entry to the market with the motive of providing a quality product which is supported by an already well-trusted mobile network in India, i.e. Reliance Jio Mobile Network having a substancial market share in Mobile Network.

AR Technology To Be Used To Train The Sailors For A Combat

Augmented Reality in today’s times is growing by leaps and bounds in every field. Given the popularity and convenience of using the AR Technology, the US ONRG, i.e., The United States Office of Naval Research Global Tech Solutions have decided to reap the benefits outs of it. They have teamed up with NSWC (Naval Surface Warfare Centre) Dahlgren, to develop an AR-based training program which will make the training session feel like the soldier is present in the training environment and are given different situations to deal with. The project is called The TRACER, i.e. The Tactically Reconfigurable Artificial Combat Enhanced Reality. The TRACER project has been initially tested at the CENCESFOR, i.e. the Centre for Security Forces Detachment Chesapeake. It was tested on Naval Support Activity Northwest Annex present in Currituck County, North Carolina.
The US Office of Naval Research Global for this project has built a TRACER package that would consist of several items such as a backpack, the VR headset, and a HapTech Inc. state-of-the-art simulated weapon that is designed in a way to provide realistic recoil.
Dr. Patrick Mead who is the lead on the TRACER project said on this all-new development in the field of Augmented Reality that, “Our training system is built mostly from commercial-off-the-shelf products, so we are using widely available gaming gear. All of these present technologies combine to give us an extremely accurate weapon and helps in movement tracking capabilities as well as highly immersive simulation visual, auditory, and haptic (relating to the sense of touch) feedback. Ultimately the TRACER will provide Sailors with en engaging, dynamic and less predictable scenarios for training that would otherwise have been very expensive and time-consuming to conduct in the real world.”
It is an innovative product and depicts the dynamic use of AR technology that will help the Sailors get their training for combat and that too while remaining active at sea. It is true and well said that being efficient is the foremost requirement for the job of being a Sailor. Therefore, TRACER will not only help the Sailors to get trained in the right direction with dynamic training environment but also it will help the Sailors increase their efficiency by getting trained anywhere and at any time.
The product is considered to be the best training system for the Sailors as it helps them in different ways. It is advantageous as it easily adapts to different scenarios with correct opposition forces and other location-related allocations. It can also help them as it can provide high-pressure situation which would otherwise not be so easy to create in real world.
Therefore, it is rightly contended by the manufacturers and other governmental and naval authorities that the TRACER project and its package inclusive of HapTech Inc. Simulated Weapon is very promising as it will help them incorporate different high-pressure situations for the training of Sailors which would help increase their efficiency by providing a life-like experience with the help of AR technology.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Is Now Enhanced With Depth Camera And AR Apps

According to recent news, Samsung has incorporated a whole new dimension of cutting-edge technology and sophistication to its new Galaxy S10 4G smartphone. Samsung has also added several AR apps as well as a depth-sensing camera for 3D scanning to its all-new smartphone in a bid to successfully integrate the augmented reality technology in the device.
The South Korean multinational company has launched its two new phones – Galaxy Note 10 as well as 10+ with several new features recently. Note 10 comes packed with a total of 3 rear-facing cameras (12 MP wide-angle, 16 MP ultra-wide and 12 MP telephoto. In fact, Note 10+ has even added a fourth camera, which is meant for depth-sensing as well as 3D scanning. This camera is called the DepthVision Camera, which comes loaded with VGA sensors. Due to this addition, the smartphone Note 10+ has a plethora of augmented reality abilities as well as potential. Along with 3D scanning that can be done using the smart device, it is also possible for users to capture an object of their choice in 3D to transform it later into an animated GIF.
DJ Koh, who is the CEO of Samsung, recently released a statement in this regard saying that from the very beginning and inception of the company’s Galaxy Note, it has been regarded as the pinnacle of the best features and technologies. In fact, the company itself has very popular, thanks to its Galaxy Note phones. The Galaxy Note 10 essentially re-imagines this entire promise for all the modern and current Note fans who use their smartphones in order to take their creativity and productivity to a whole new level and who flow between endeavors and ideas effortlessly at a moment’s notice.
The best thing is that this is all just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more on the horizon. The tech company has even launched its very own augmented reality app that the company calls Quick Measure. The Quick Measure app is rather similar to the Measure tools that Google and Apple offer. Furthermore, users can even utilize the DepthVision Camera and the S-Pen to do some good-old augmented drawing according to their fancy. So now, you can doodle and draw to your heart’s content with the blend of these two features to create illustrations in order to track space as well as physical objects.
Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that augmented reality, as well as its multitude of applications that are swiftly entering the world of smartphones and other tech gadgets, is good news not just for companies but also for the millions of consumers worldwide. It looks like the world is all set to enter into an all-new era of augmented reality smartphones. Talking about Samsung, amazing things are on the horizon for the company as it is ready to delve into the world of augmented reality headfirst and do some great things for its fans.