Porsche along with Holoride has come up with an innovative VR Entertainment system For Its Rear Passengers

The well-known manufacturer of sports cars, Porsche, has come up with an innovative and one of its kind idea of providing its rear passengers a VR entertainment system. The company has collaborated with “Holoride,” which is a startup company with the motive “Turning Vehicles Into Moving Theme Parks.” Porsche is all ready to unveil its vehicles with Holoride VR entertainment system fixed at back of the seats for the rear passengers to make their every ride filled with fun, thrill, and adventure. The ultimate aim behind this collaboration is to provide an immersive VR experience to the rider on the go.
To make the experience more effective, the Porsche vehicle will be connected to the VR headsets that would come with built-in sensors so that the content one is watching can be adapted according to the movements of car in real-time to give a life-like experience. It is a very unique, cool and advanced technology to give the rear-seat passengers a ride full of amazing experience. For example, say the rear-passenger is wearing this VR headset and is riding in a spacecraft. The passenger, if the car takes a turn along the curve, will virtually feel as if the spacecraft is taking a turn in real-time too. This is what Porsche believes to be a breakthrough in the automobile industry.
Nils Wollny, CEO of Holoride is very enthused about the company’s collaboration with Porsche and also about the all-new technological development in the field automobile industry and shares, “We are grateful to Startup Autobahn for the many opportunities and contacts it has made possible for us. This has given our projects a major boost in recent weeks, enabling us to realize a prototype in just 100 days.”
Both the companies, Porsche and Holoride, not only focused on the fun part about the product but also believes that anyone who has ever used VR headset knows that there is a very good chance that it will lead to motion sickness. The company says that the VR system at the back-seat for rear-passengers will significantly reduce the chances and symptoms of motion sickness. This technology can also be applied, and products can be developed that can be employed in entertainment sectors such as conferences and films to increase the entertainment and productivity of passengers who are traveling in the back-seat of the car. Holoride provides for a futuristic software which offers an elastic content, i.e. the content the person is watching can adapt according to the behavior of the vehicle in terms of its context, motion and driving time.
The technology is speculated to be introduced to the market and made available in the Porsche vehicles in the coming three years. All being said, introduction of Porsche VR entertainment system would set a milestone in the VR industry as well as the automobile industry. It also shows that there are unlimited possibilities for using technology to build something useful to the public at large. It shall also promote future innovations.

TIME Launches TIME Immersive: Breakthrough In Visual Journalism with AR and VR Applications.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both, with the advancement in technology, making its way into the day-to-day lives of the people. Every industry wants to inculcate AR and VR into their field. One such breakthrough has been made by TIME with its TIME Immersive project in the field of journalism. TIME is said to have always been on the front foot of sharing news or story. This project aims at bringing the stories to life with its AR & VR Applications. The user can have an interactive experience of the way you read or see the stories. The applications are available on both iOS and Android phones to promote the AR-VR project by TIME.

TIME did its first feature in TIME Immersive named “Landing on the Moon.” This feature allows the viewers to have a life-like experience of the scientific and historic landing of Apollo 11 landing in an accurate cinematic display in 3D on any top of the table at ones home. The users can experience the tabletop landing of Apollo 11 on moon in the AR mode. Not only the visuals, but it also includes the original audio of Neil Armstrong and also displays the first steps taken by him on the moon. Hence, it can be rightly said that this breakthrough will make the entire AR and VR experience very intense.

At an event, Nick Partridge, the leader of strategic partnerships for the Museum and Co-Director of the Apollo 50 national celebration said that, “The National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo collection is the largest in the world at present, and we are excited to present Landing on the Moon with our partners at TIME, whose Apollo-era reporting helped shape the way Americans experienced the space race. This AR activation brings our artifacts to life like never before, and we hope it inspires a new generation to define their own21st-century Moonshot.”

TIME Immersive’s launch follows the announcements made earlier this year about the two breakthrough projects by TIME. One, “The March,” it will offer the viewers an unprecedented chance to have a life-like experience of the historical movement of March for Freedom and Jobs in Washington by giving it a groundbreaking room-scale and interactive. Second, “Space Explorers,” it is an International Space Station (ISS) Experience, which is a documentary series.

Hence, it can be said that there is not even an iota of doubt that this breakthrough is going to change peoples perspective of watching a news item. TIME is said to have never left any stones unturned in providing and sharing the news and stories in an innovative manner. With the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, they will take the field of journalism to the next level. However, this is not the end for the TIME Immersive; TIME has promised to launch more immersive projects in AR and VR which shall be released soon. So, it’s a matter of TIME, and we shall have access to more immersive projects.

Natuzzi Provides for AR & VR Retail Space For Furniture Shopping

Founded in 1959, Natuzzi Group is a company dealing in Italian Furniture. The company is ready to launch its very first virtual reality store to provide its customer with an immersive shopping experience like never before. The giant Italian Furniture Company’s Madison Avenue Showroom situated in New York has an Augmented Reality Store. The purpose of this AR store is to allow its customers to have a life-like experience by immersing themselves in the digital form of whatever their home looks like, in AR. Further, it helps them to decorate their homes however they feel like with the class-apart furniture provided by the Italian Giant- Natuzzi. They can place the items to their drawing room, kitchen, lobby, living room, etc. to decide whether to buy the product or not according to their VR experience.
This project sets an example of how advanced the customers have become that they have access to such an amazing facility to pick and put a piece of furniture with the help of Virtual Reality to their home and decide whether it looks good there. To see how that particular furniture will look in the specific place, customer will have to put on the HoloLens 2 headset made by Microsoft that would help the user change the colors and patterns of the same. They can easily move the things around and interact with the house-environment in the store itself.
Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the Creative Director of the company, shares that, “It gives them (Customers) a sense of place and mood that’s almost as real as a physical furniture display, and the experience helps them form an emotional connection to their choices.”
The Italian furniture brand Natuzzi has done its research and testing and based on the results of it, it is predicted that the closing ratio (The number of shops closing down) shall be minimized by at least one-third in the long run with the introduction of Augmented Stores. Furthermore, it is also predicted that by the end of year 2020 there will be a large number of Augmented Reality Stores across the globe so that it saves the customers the hassle to imagine and decide whether the particular piece of furniture will look good in the specified space or not.
Not only will this project be beneficial for the customers but also for the seller. It will lead them to keep less inventory in the stores and to save up space, having large stores mean that the owner needs to spend a hefty amount. The cost saved on one particular store can help the company expand and increase the number of stores worldwide to make its presence globally.
This project by Natuzzi is an attempt on giving tough competition to other brands such as the furniture retail giants IKEA and Opendesk. Moreover, this new development in the furniture brand will bring in more customers, because of the cutting-edge technology that will allow them to see how a particular piece of furniture will look in their house before buying it.

A2 VR: A Startup Company That Brings Virtual Reality (VR) For People To Use In Day-To-Day Life

Startups are becoming the backbone of innovations. One of these innovative startup initiatives is taken up by A2 VR. A2 VR is a startup company with VR (Virtual Reality) at its forefront. This startup company has brought forward its products and services that intend to introduce and inculcate VR to everyday use. The company assures that the potential of VR is spread over a wide range of people, from different age groups, nationality, etc. The company promises that the products and services can also be put to a wide range of applications. A2 VR also has various experts who are at the company’s disposal to help in augmenting their distinctive knowledge and specializations through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The company’s foremost fields of operation are AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and PR (Physical Reality). The company has various services to offer such as indoor navigation, product visualization, architectural visualization, disaster management, visual navigation, 360 virtual tours, procedural navigation, VR mobile apps, VR in education and VR in training. The company is focussed on specialization and versatility; it also offers VR in advertising and marketing as well as VR websites.

The one quality that puts the company stands apart from the others in the VR market is that it focuses on the needs of everyday use of a wide range of people. The motto of the company is that everyone should believe in virtual reality and that virtual reality should be used as a technology that people should be able to put to use using the most common devices they use in their day-to-day lives, such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops.

A2 VR’s visualizations bring non-existing locations, places, and products or inaccessible and difficult locations to its users. This implies that users can, without any difficulty, communicate with hard-to-reach locations or places in a very comfortable and user-friendly way possible. Which, of course, means that they can use this technology that would make them feel as if they are physically present at the location. Let’s say, for example; the company helps its clients by putting them at a location/property even if it is in the stage of planning and not completed yet. Which in other words, mean that the person can actually feel like they are living in that location/property in a life-like manner virtually. They can virtually interact, envision, move around, and even change the stuff and things surrounding them to feel like living that experience.

A2 VR is a technologically dynamic company offering its products and services predominantly in the form of software. The software offered by them is state-of-the-art and has been designed by specialized people who are experts in this field that assures the delivery of impeccable quality. The software is designed in a way that it can be used on various devices, including VR sets, PCs, information kiosks, display systems, and mobile devices.